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Mirodouros are viewpoints located all over the island of Madeira. They are locations where you can find the most beautiful views across the ocean, villages, bays, beaches and much more. A Miradouro is indicated on the highways with a brown sign with binoculars and the name of the viewpoint. On other local roads, you can find the Miradouro on the side of the road.

There are over 60 viewpoints on Madeira, some more exciting than others. These are the 5 viewpoints that you must have visited during your vacation on Madeira.

Miradouro do Guindaste

Located: Faial, near Santana

After an early wake up at 4.50 AM, we got into the car to drive towards Miradouro do Guindaste, near Santana (South of the island Madeira). We wanted to catch the sunrise, which happens at 7.06AM (quite late) and since we’ve never been to this place before we wanted to explore the Miradouro before taking pictures. It truly is an awesome place to shoot beautiful pictures of the cliff, sea, bay, and mountains.

Cabo Girão

Located: Câmara de Lobos

Cabo Girão is one of the highest cliffs in Europe with a height of 590 meters above sea level. The viewpoint is very popular, but once you arrive you’ll immediately know why. The view you have from this point is marvelous but is not made for people who are afraid of heights. There’s a skywalk of transparent glass that provides a stunning view down.

Tip: if you are planning on visiting Cabo Girão, check the weather report before you go. On a cloudy day, you’ll see nothing but white clouds in front of you and you’ll not be able to enjoy the beautiful view. Unfortunately, during my time in Madeira it was quite cloudy so I wasn’t able to catch the view.

Ponta de São Lourenço

Located: Caniçal

Ponta de São Lourenço is the most East tip of the island. The landscapes are very rocky and you’ll not find many green plants here (other than some palm trees). The main viewpoint is accessible by car, but there are routes starting from here that take approximately 4 hours that bring you to other viewpoints as well.

Miradouro Lombada dos Marinheiros

Located: Lombada dos Marinheiros

On the ER101 from Calheta to Porto Moniz you can find the Miradouro Lombada dos Marinheiros. It’s a little stoppingpoint next to the road that gives you a view of the mountains and oceans. To be honest, I have seen more beautiful views elsewhere. We did have fun however with the salamanders that popped up every time and didn’t seem to be that shy when a camera comes close.

Porto Moniz

Located: Porto Moniz

Not an official Miradouro, but still an absolutely amazing place to sit back, relax and watch the sunset. The natural swimming pools of Porto Moniz are a natural phenomenon originated from lava rocks. Swimming is allowed between 9 AM and 5 PM and on other times you are allowed to walk there and take pictures.

Have you visited any Miradouros in Madeira? Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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